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Our Membership

The American Academy of Brain Injury Attorneys is drawn from the top 100 brain injury lawyers in America.  Membership is limited to skilled attorneys who must only represent the interests of the victims of brain trauma and do not represent defendants or their insurance carriers.


Academy President, Michael V. Kaplen, Esq, chair of Brain Injury Association of New York State Sports Concussion Conference with keynote speaker, New York Ranger Pat LaFontaine, Madison Square Garden

The association’s membership is by invitation only and requires rigorous screening and a commitment to brain injury advocacy, brain injury education and brain injury prevention.

All of our members possess superior knowledge and experience in brain injury litigation and actively participate in their state brain injury associations and other brain injury advocacy groups.

Our brain injury lawyers understand the unique challenges of representing victims of head trauma and brain damage. Our brain injury attorneys also understand that they have two clients:  the brain injured individuals and their family members.

team outside

Academy Officers, Parliamentarian, Thomas Dempsey, Esq., 1st Vice President, Shana De Caro, Esq., President, Michael V. Kaplen, Esq., Second Vice President, Stephen M. Smith and Secretary, James Vititoe, Esq. at Marquette University, Neuro Anatomical Brain Dissection Course.

Our traumatic brain injury lawyers are all members of their state brain injury associations and national attorney associations representing brain injury survivors. Many of our members have either served as officers or directors of their state brain injury associations and/or as members of the executive boards of national brain injury association lawyer groups and/or brain injury advocacy groups.

All of our members actively participate in brain injury seminars throughout the nation designed to increase attorney knowledge in the most effective ways to represent victims of the “invisible injury”.  Our members actively lecture other attorneys and brain injury advocacy group members in how to represent victims of brain trauma.